Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a UX Designer/Architect in Dallas, TX. From concept to inception, I can provide user-centric website design that is visually compelling yet doesn't neglect usability. I can adhere to tight deadlines with minimal preparation and still deliver a quality product.

parallax web design


Web Design, Banner Ads, Landing Pages, UX Design

From websites to email campaigns, landing pages, banners ads to print and logos I have a broad range of work. Here is some of the work I have done for the companies and clients I have worked for.

freelance clients

Room Key
Johnson & Sekin
Tenet Healthcase
Main Event
Steve Wilson & Associates
H.D. Vest Financial Services
The Perfect Last Bite
1814 Magazine
Duke Inc.
P.Martin Builders
MRK Financial Services


Responsive web design, websites, banner ads, email design, wordpress themes

I design, test, redesign and constantly strive to better meet the goals of my clients. I have over 10 years experience designing for the internet, which includes working for a wide range of industries, designed in 9 languages, and localized projects for over 20 countries.

  • Wireframing
    wire framing

    I find that wire framing is an essential step to create a website that meets my clients goals. It helps to focus on what matters. I use Basalmiq to wire frame now, but originally worked in Illustrator.

  • Responsive Web Design
    responsive design

    The web is no longer just on the desktop. I like work with frameworks like Skeleton and Bootstrap to create great looking sites no-matter what they are viewed on.

  • hand coding
    html php css less js

    I hand code my sites using Coda on the mac. I primarily work in html and css. I use less or sass for big projects. Javascript is ever present in modern sites. I have been working a lot with jquery for a number of needs.

  • Banner Ad Design
    banner ads

    In my career I have made copious amounts of banner ads. Flash actionscript 2 or 3. Standard banners, rich media, expandables and more.

  • Wordpress Theme Design
    wordpress theming

    WordPress is my platform of choice for blog creation. There is just such a large community supporting it that it makes it great to use. I design and build templates for WordPress.

  • Email Campaign Design
    e-mail design

    I design, code and implement email campaigns. I have work with Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Emma, and Exact Target.


About Anton Skowronski

I am currently based out of Dallas, Texas with my wife, daughters, two dogs, our cat and a goldfish parakeet. I was born in Detroit, grew up in Southern California, and attended S.M.U. in Dallas, where I received my BFA in 1997. When my wife and I are not working we spend our time between Newport Beach, CA and Rockland, ME. I love the restaurant scene and enjoy cooking. My music tastes span from Miles Davis to Willie Nelson, The Ramones, Antibalas, Public Enemy and The Polyphonic Spree. Since 1999 I have been building a resume that includes doing web design for boutique agencies, major corporations, and multi-national Dotcom companies.

about this site

This site was designed using the Adobe Creative Suite CC and built with Panic's Coda. I used the Bootstrap framework for the scafolding of the site. Many many jquery elements for nav, parralax, and responsive elements. MxItUp was used for the sorting on the portfolio section. If you are using a modern browser the font is Akagi Pro served up by typkit. The grunge font is Base 02. All the background photos are composites shot on my iPhone.

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Hire Freelance Web Designer

Are you looking for a full-time web designer? Download my resume, check out what people have said about me, and drop me line. If I seem like a good fit for your team then here are some options to get a hold of me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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